Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aquarelle - "Stress Relief Cherry Blossom"

 You might wanna ask, "Is there such a thing as "Stress Relief Cherry Blossom"? Actually, there's none. Lol! I just called this, Stress relief cherry blossom because I painted it to relax myself from painting roses. I got too stressed from painting roses and needed a break. Also, I didn't have much details on this flower. I just want to study how to mix colors. I don't want to paint monochromatic roses for life. I want to paint colorful roses. :)

Aquarelle - "Pottery Rose"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aquarelle - "Pink Rose Greeting Card"

My second greeting card. Unfortunately, I won't be able to sell this in the future. I painted it in the wrong  paper. I just gave it to my mom so she can use it as a gift.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Aquarelle - "Lavander Rose" (Greeting Card)

I'm planning to sell handmade greeting cards as soon as I have enough to sell. This is the very first greeting card that I made. Though I'm still monochromatic with my painting, I love this lavander rose. :)

Btw, I used M. Graham Dioxazine purple for this rose. I'm starting to love this and I'm planning to buy more M.Graham paints.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aquarelle - "Purple Rose for Tita Vi"

I haven't talked to my mentor, Tita Vivian since she left New York for Las Vegas several months ago. But When Troy asked if we have something to give her since Jan and him (artists of anytime coffee combo. check them out!) might see her in their business trip to Vegas, I decided to paint this rose for her.

I used M. Graham's Dioxazine purple to paint this rose. However, I'm still not good in painting backgrounds. I have to cut the rose from its original paper since I really messed up the background. Then, I have to let my mom paint the vague background in this painting after I pasted the rose and wrote the verse at the bottom left.

I guess I'm also having a hard time with my paper since I am using a 90 lb strathmore paper and I don't stretch it. I'm planning to buy either a new pad (300 lb paper) or a watercolor block. I'm still researching for a better paper to use that doesn't need stretching.

Despite my frustrations, I discovered how to paint a frame like this using scotch tape and salt. I learned it when I did a draft for our Agape poster.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aquarelle - "Grainy Rose"

This is the second time that I painted this rose. In my first painting, Jay and mom told me that my rose was too light for my background. Instead of trying to fix it, I repainted the whole thing. This time, I started by drafting the rose, then painted the background before I actually painted the roses. I tried mixing my purple lake with permanent rose and my roses turned out to be as grainy as my background. I like it though. The grainy effect is uniquely different from my previous paintings. :)