La Naissance D'un Artiste


When I was younger, I used to act, declaim, dance and play sports. However, music and arts aren't my forte.The first time that my stepdad got mad at me for having a 77 (which isn't really a failing grade) in my report card was when I was in my 5th grade. I used to be an honor student and my parents are not used to seeing 70's on my report card.

I theorized that my 77 was due to the fact that I transferred from an International School with a maximum of 13-20 students per grade to a Parochial School with 4 sections per grade having 30 to 40 students per section. However, I think this is only partial truth. I got annoyed with my dad for not considering the fact that I was still trying to adopt to my new environment. But right now, I find it funny 'coz if I were to think about it, the subject where I "almost" failed was MAPE (Music, Arts and PE).

However, when my life turned 180 degrees after I became a Christian, so did my lines of interest. I don't act, declaim or dance anymore. Neither am I as athletic as I was. But right now, I do write and sing. Most of all, I am learning how to draw and paint. 

My writing skills improved when I started reading the Bible and Christian books. My passion for music was kindled when I became one of the worship leaders of Frontlines worship band. The way I sing was enhanced when I took voice lessons during the Spring of 2011. My love for arts was born when I met my boyfriend, Jay, who is also an artist. I started drawing when Jay taught me how to draw a realistic eye. Then I started sketching roses. However, it wasn't till December of 2011 that I discovered my potential in painting.

When my mom made a confession about my "real father", I discovered that both my parents are painters. My mom gave me the name, Fauve, because in the novel where she got my name, Fauve was a "painter's daughter". It was then that I finally got my confidence to try painting. As people say it, "It runs in the genes." Though my father and my mom are impressionists using watercolor/oil and acrylic/watercolor respectively, I found myself more on realistic and detailed artworks using either pencil or watercolor as my medium. 

Ironically, I am pursuing the things that weren't considered as my previous forte - music, arts and writing - hoping to excel in each one of them. But of course, above all things.. "THY WILL BE DONE"

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