Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aquarelle - "First Rose"

FIRSTS are always the hardest. But, DON'T QUIT!

This is the first time that I tried using watercolor as my medium. I started painting when my mom told me that my dad was a painter. Realizing that both my parents are artists, I wanted to know if I inherited both of their talents. So I did this rose.

Honestly, I didn't really like it that much. LOL! But my mom already told me that I'd really get disappointed with my very first painting. The first is always the hardest since I'm still trying to get my pulse and the feel of my medium, thus I shouldn't stop.  My mom also encouraged me and told me that I'll do better next time. 

The date is Dec. 26, 2011 btw. I don't know why I had 11 instead of 12 in it. :D

PAPER : Strathmore 300 series 11 x 15 inches

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