Saturday, January 21, 2012

Aquarelle - "Floating in Heaven"

I repainted the purple rose that I painted before. And this time, instead of using the original picture of my subject, I used my sketch as a reference and it's actually easier.

I tried to add some black to my purple lake for color of my rose. It turned out better than using just plain purple lake itself.  However, my background is a bit lighter coz I was still experimenting on how to do my backgrounds. Inspired by Barbara fox, I tried Holbien Peacock Blue and M. Graham Dioxazine Purple and blend them using wet to wet technique. Fortunately, it gave me the blend that I was looking for. However, they told me that the background was too light and I was too lazy to change it. Both Jay and my mom told me my rose looks like it's floating so I entitled it "floating in heaven". Lol! :)

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