Friday, January 6, 2012

Découvrir et Explorer L'aquarelle - "La Naissance D'un Artiste"

My first large detailed painting. I'm not done with it yet. However, I want to keep a memory of how it looks like while I'm still on the process of painting it. :)

Découvrir et Explorer L'aquarelle 

Most people say that watercolor is one of the hardest mediums. The first few days that I painted, I thought it wasn't. I like the way this medium flows with water. Also it's easier to spread than acrylic and oil and faster to shade than pencil or pen. So I assume that for me, watercolor is actually the easiest medium.

However, as I go on with my Aquarelle Journey, I discovered the reasons why most painters find this medium hard to use.

Yesterday, when I painted my first miniature rose, I learned how to do the details and smudge the edges my lines. Also, I learned to leave spots for the lights. In watercolor, once you stroke your brush, the only think you can do is either smudge your lines or go from light to dark. Once you fail to leave spots for your lights, it's hard or almost impossible to redo its unique light effect. White doesn't help either.

I also discovered that it's better not to use watercolor pencil for my draft. They smudge with the paints thus creating thicker lines instead of having thin fine lines for my details.

Lastly, I learned that it will be easier for me to paint parts by parts instead of looking at the whole piece. In doing so, I don't get confused much with the details from my reference.

So, should I conclude that watercolor is hard then? Yes it is, especially now that I'm starting to become a "perfectionist". But I really enjoy doing it. Actually, I love it and I'm starting to become obsessed with it! For me, watercolor painting is just like eating pringles, "Once you pop, YOU CAN'T STOP!" Doing it the first time may be upsetting and discouraging but it's just good that I didn't quit. I'll just keep on painting. :)

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